The television show Saturday Night Live has been around since 1975, it thrives on cutting edge humor. I've seen enough of their bits to know that they are trying to walk-the-line on what they can properly air, without getting in trouble of course with the FCC. They usually base most of their material on current events. This show has been the training grounds if you will for superstars like Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, Dana Carvey. The core of this show is sarcasm. They make it pretty obvious that offending their viewers is not a high priority. They take pot-shots at other celebrities, politics, and of course the whole coronavirus-pandemic ongoing saga.

The ironic part is, they are continuing with their show while staying in quarantine. Just recently, they aired a sketch that centered around what most people have and still is going through - families staying at home together thanks to the virus. A song parody, with most of the cast involved, titled "Let Kids Drink" played out. I've watched it now a couple of times, trying to figure out "WHY?" Why do people think that song was funny OR served a purpose? What about this fact, 88,000 people DIE annually because of alcohol - is that funny? Alcoholism is mostly hereditary - There is not one good reason to sit around and watch your children drink. Of course, you can argue that "I need to lighten up a bit", Not even an inch will I. Promoting and praising your children to drink alcohol is plain stupid, and dangerous. For more on this click here.


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