Nothing like demoing firearms in the morning. 

It was a great event this Sunday morning at the Bismarck /Mandan rifle pistol association. Sheels was demoing a number of their 2019 models and we were all learning about firearm safety. Sheels is obviously THE lifestyle store in town (well... you can probably say the Midwest as well)  and it was really good to discuss the subject of firearms with their specialists and the those of the law enforcement authority.

I got a chance to partake in the activities and I must say for a guy that hasn't fired a pistol in a long while, it was good to get that feeling back.

The demo was professionally done with an instructor at every booth showing you how to lock and load as well as hold the gun prior to firing.  It was good to see that process first hand and how to correctly discharge the weapon safely. Now If I can only learn how to aim ...

sheels gun demo 3

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