It's finally finished!

Sickies Garage in North Bismarck is a very fun atmosphere for drinking and eating those crazy big Sickies Burgers! It is also home for our annual Bike Night celebration that begins in June and lasts throughout the summer.

Now their new patio is finally finished and what a patio it is!

As the weather finally goes south, what better way to enjoy those beers with a nice heated view of state street.

Other questions people could ask night include:

Is there a bar on the patio?

Will it be airconditioned for the summer?

Can people sit on the patio but still participate in Tuesday night trivia?

A great way to get those questions answered is to stop the restaurant on state street to check it out.

When bike night happens this June, I'm curious about how they are going to coordinate the patio with the events that happen outside. 



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