If you were looking for some fun with this event  this weekend, we have some bad news

It looks like the warm weather has won.  Due to spring happening early, the Annual Snowflakes to Sprockets event has been cancelled. Normally around these parts, the first day of spring has nothing to do with the climate. This year, however, is different.  The groundhog didn't see it's shadow and it looks like spring did come early (for now at least).

So, due to the lack of snow on the mountain, the event has been cancelled this year. It makes sense when you are talking about possibly skiing and snowboarding, but this event is also about biking. Biking on a snow-less mountain is far less difficult than the latter so I'm curious if there was another motive to cancel the event in addition to the lack of precipitation.

Without getting into any conspiracy theories, let's just state the obvious. There was no snow.


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