Here's a fun event coming up. 

If you're hardcore into bikes, here's a good way to get ready for the season.  Snowflakes to  Sprockets is an event that's happening this weekend at the Huff Hills Ski area. $25 entry gets a lift ticket for a day and you can race your bike on the slopes! Now if that's scary to you, you can always bring your skis or snowboard and just do that.

Registration happens at 9 am on Sunday where you can sign waivers as well.

Apparently, the mountain bike community is fired up for this event and I know this because prominent members of that community reached out to me and told me.

Riding a bike down a slope filled with snow is pretty nutty. I would think you would need big wheels on the bike to get anywhere.

So, If you're an outdoor guy/gal this weekend,  this could be the last weekend to do something like this before all the snow melts.


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