Remember when Justin Bieber dedicated his thank you speech to both God and Jesus and everyone made fun of him? Well this Ghanaian soccer player's thank you blunder definitely takes the cake. 

In this awkward postgame interview, Mohammed Anas made the most face-palm-worthy mistake when he said "I appreciate my fans, also my wife and my girlfriend."  Now we can't tell if his sweat is still leftover from the game or if he's now fearing for his life.

Anas then tried to quickly cover by saying sorry and that he loves his wife from his heart, which is a weird choice of words too, but we'll give him a pass considering the circumstances.

The interview ended just as awkwardly as it began when Anas simply said, "Thanks for supporting me. There is more to come.”

Yes, there probably is MUCH more to come… once you get home.

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