The ONLY thing people are talking about these days, the mysterious coronavirus. What was pretty much non-existent last year. The times have changed rapidly, there are many, who are preparing us for possible situations . Social media unfortunately can spew out misguided information, producing fear. Some of the trillions of questions that are on our minds, is there any hope, if somehow we do catch the virus. Enter center stage Elizabeth Schneider, she lives in Seattle, the biggest city in Washington state, also which also has the most death in the U.S. from the pesky virus.

What our nation needs to hear the most, is that there is a way of recovery, once you've been infested with it. Elizabeth is a SURVIVOR. She has some very simple hints and suggestions, the most important one-DON'T PANIC. She had all the early symptoms, took steps to go about recovery. Read more about her incredible story by clicking here.


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