How many of us have gone to the grocery store lately and still walk out of there shaking our heads? Thanks of course to the coronavirus. What used to be a normal shopping experience, is now an all-out task just to find the essentials we need. Some aisles are completely ravished, and then you walk by the frozen foods department, and there are a million pizzas waiting to be brought home. The people that panic, and buy 120 rolls of toilet paper, stocking up - are still terrorizing the stores. I try and see the positive in situations that occur, and what I found is something that I HOPE brings humor and lightens up a bit of the stress that we are going through. I thank SNL.

The late-night television show 'Saturday Night Live' has been around for 45 years. Satire is one of the tools they use best. Whatever it may be that our country is going through, this show will usually confront it, and counter back with some parody, a skit that will make light of it. They are no stranger to controversy. Just recently SNL hit the bullseye - read and see for yourself how accurate their arrow of comedy truly was.

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