As the Ravens and Steelers duke it out on Sunday night football, here are some observations of week 4 in the NFL 

This week in football was in stark contrast to last week in that it seemed like we were back to normal as far as team expectations are concerned.

  • The Buffalo Bills looked like themselves again getting soundly shut out by the Packers at Lambeau. Hopefully, their O-Line can protect Josh Allen Better.
  • Cowboys look like world beaters (in their own mind) scratching out a win against the lowly Lions.
  • The Patriots looked like themselves soundly beating "the paper tiger" Dolphins.
  •  Who can forget the real Ryan Fitzpatrick showing up, throwing 3 picks and getting benched once again for the Buccaneers as they got trounced by the Bears?

Yes, all is normal with the NFL after a weird week we saw last week.  it will be interesting to see who can challenge the Rams, and what teams will start to separate themselves from the pack as we move forward.


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