In a day of eye-popping games, it's good to ask the question. Is this the new normal for the NFL?

Parity in the NFL spoke today as easy wins turned into weird losses.  Obviously, there were some games that made sense, The Seahawks Blowing out the Raiders in London and the Vikings taking care of the Cardinals.  Here are some thoughts:

  • I thought the Jaguars were a really good defense. They were in the Championship game last year... So imagine the reaction I got when I saw the Dallas Cowboys put 40 on the board and run them out of Dallas? Is Dallas that good or is Blake Bortles and Sacksonville that bad? I guess we'll see.
  • The Titans Raven's game. Now the Raven's look like the real deal, but to go into Nashville, a place where the Eagles lost and shut out a team like the Titans who almost looked like they found their way? Very odd.
  • Then there's a game like the Bears vs the Dolphins. The Dolphins have Brock Osweiler at QB and beat the Bears in overtime. The Bears mind you were on the 1-yard line in OT and fumbled.  Really? Brock Osweiler? I thought the Bears had Khalil Mack.
  • Finally the lowly old and crusty Redskins beat Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers in Washington. Josh Norman has a pick of his old teammate in the game. That's pretty mindboggling.

Lot of head-scratchers today and I’m sure we aren’t done watching them though as the New England Kansas City game is about to begin

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