Here are some observations of games that were played this week in the NFL. As the Kansas City Chiefs run the Cincinnati Bengals out of Arrowhead ( it's 37-7 right now in the third quarter), I got to thinking about how unique each week of football is this year.

This week looked like the week of the blowout or classic game. There were a good amount of blowouts but there were some really good football games. 

  • I guess that question I asked last week about the Cowboys and Jaguars was answered this week. Both teams stink.  Jaguars got blown out at home and the Cowboys did what they always do in big games against division opponents... They choked.
  • One of the exciting games of this week was the Eagles against Carolina. It was a game the Eagles had in hand till Carolina put up 21 points in the fourth quarter on the road to win, Wow ... what a game! I think the Eagles are going to try to trade for a running back because QB Carson Wentz desperately needs help.
  • The Browns seem like they are playing in overtime every week. This week though the Bucs got lucky.
  • Tough luck for QB MichTrubisky against the Pats. It looked like the Patriots were going in for another blowout and then the Bears  woke up. Too bad the Hail Mary at the end of the game was caught on the 1-yard line.
  • Finally, it seems like father time hasn't caught up with QB Drew Brees yet the way he's carrying the Saints. 17 points in the Fourth Quarter against that Ravens defense in Baltimore was special.

All in all, there definitely were some very entertaining games this week. I can't wait for Cowboys fans to start their annual call for Jason Garret's head this week.

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