Kobe's Steakhouse and Sushi was the location for the shooting of a brand new TV show called "Teppenyaki Takedown" on Monday, hosted by former Kobe's cook Tattoo Mike.

The premise of the show is simple: Tattoo Mike visits different Japanese restaurants across the country and challenges another chefs to the ultimate Japanese flat-iron cooking duel.

Monday night, Tattoo Mike took on Blue Ninja and, though the battle was close, Tattoo Mike walked away with the victory and a slew of new fans. Sure, it may have had something to do with all of the sake he poured down their throats...but you have to do what you have to do to win, right?

Check out some of the photos from last night's "Teppanyaki Takedown" at Kobe's below:

You can find out more about "Teppanyaki Takedown" HERE