When you are new to town, there are situations where you wind up going out alone because you really don't know anyone which is pretty understandable.

But then again, if you actually PREFER to go out alone, you, my friend, might be considered a Lone Wolf- someone who is confident in constantly meeting new and different people at every experience. So for all the true Lone Wolf's out there here is a list of proper etiquette so you can make the most out of your travels:

  1. Choose the right bar.  You're a lone wolf so you are comfortable in your own skin, but if you go to a loud bar with a lot of space it would be difficult or almost impossible to communicate to anyone (which is not cool.) Try to find a smaller dive bar or lounge so you can operate in close proximity of people and cut into their conversations so you can add your funny lines.
  2. Make friends with bartenders. When the bartenders know you, a lot of great things happen. Your drinks get stronger, you know about every girl's situation in the bar, and if you decide to have a conversation with someone, you don't come off like a creep. Instead, you look like the cool friend of the bartender. And if you tip like you should, you'll even get invited to some of their crazy bartender parties which can be other lone wolf opportunities.
  3. Watch how much you drink. A bad lone wolf experience is when you wind up drinking alone, but the opposite can be dangerous as well. You can have too much fun and wind up getting blasted. If you don't have good autopilot (awareness when you are close to blackout status), you might wind up doing something stupid like drunk driving, taking the wrong girl home, waking up in a pasture next to a cow, etc.
  4. Have good self awareness: If you're by yourself sitting at a bar, understand how that looks to other people. Some may think you're a drunk, some may think you're a creep. It's very important that you establish who you are very quickly so there is no misunderstanding. The Bartender will always answer you.
  5. Always have an escape plan: When times get fun for the Lone Wolf they really pop off! Just remember that you have to have an exit plan just in case the fun times go sideways. Put it in your phone or write it on your hand, whatever's easier. Be sure to watch out for those cougars!

Those are some suggestions to make your Lone Wolfing experience memorable, if your curious about others click Urbandictionary.com.

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