Last week I took a poll about the best Burrito in town and you answered!

It's Pancheros! I have to admit it was a very hotly contested competition with 3 places tied for second. They were Qdoba, Taco Johns, and La Carretta. This Blog isn't about them though, it's about Pancheros.

The 25-year-old company that started in Iowa prides it'self on fresh ingredients and tortillas that are literally made in front of you.  There are two locations in town. One on Century ave in north Bismarck and one on E La Salle Dr close to 43rd Ave. After watching the video of their story and seeing how they load those burritos, I kinda feel like having one right now.

In the station, here we've had a side bet going and there was one staff member that was like Pancheros all the way, and he was right.

Congratulations Pancheros... The Best Burrito in Bismarck!





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