In the NFL there are things known as trap games and it looks like the Viking got caught in the trap this week. 

The game had the Vikings by 16 that was the spread. It would've been almost impossible to come into US Bank stadium and eke out a win against that ferocious Viking defense.

I guess no one told Josh Allen and the Bills.

Josh Allen channeled his inner Jim Kelly and lit up the Vikings to the tune of 27 -6. His Line was 15/22 196 and 3 TD's 2 of them running himself.

Kirk Cousins was 40/55 for 296 a TD and an Int. He also lost 2 fumbles.  Unfortunately, that was the story for the Vikings. This could've been a trap game for them or there could be lingering effects from the missed opportunities last week.

Now at least they could be happy that they play the Rams on Thursday and can possibly get this horrible game out of their heads, and the press's columns moving forward.

 Rob Meltzer, our Townsquare Media Sports Director was in their locker room after the game and here's what the players told him:

LB Ben Gedeon

DL Tom Johnson

OT  Brian Oneill



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