So it's Blockbuster season, and there's a couple of films that are doing well in theatres.  Here are 2 film reviews based on the trailer AKA Stereotype critique.

Trailers are made to get you to check out the film period.  But sometimes the trailer is better than the film or vice versa, so in my extensive knowledge of the Film industry and film and like everything ( I have zero experience, actually I'm sorry I have tons of experience sitting on the couch and crushing Oreos watching Netflix) ... Here is a Stereotype critique of two films based on their Trailers.

Oceans 8: 

Yeah not feeling it... you call a film Oceans 8 and you compare it to the other Oceans films and watching the trailer, there is no comparison. Actually, it almost looks like a blatant copy of it just using Women.  Now saying that... Steven Soderbergh is on this project as a producer and everything that guy touches turns to gold even though  Gary Ross is Directing it. The film was also gangbusters out of the gate and crappy movies don't perform that well so I guess I'm going to check it out on the big screen and hope my $19 dollar investment is worth the risk of time.  I will check back with you to tell you how it went. 

Incredibles 2: 

Great trailer! these Pixar guys really know what they're doing and it looks like the film has picked up right where it left off after Incredibles 1. They do a really good job of accentuating personalities in the Pixar cartoons.

I'm thinking this film is going to continue its dominance after opening weekend and beyond. I'll see it when it gets to Itunes though :)


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