Apparently, there were a number of police officers in the Pub 21 parking lot last night and after speaking with the bar, here's the info I got. 

Last night (Wednesday) at 1 am, there was a disturbance in the Pub 21 parking lot wherein 10+ cops were seen handling a situation. After speaking with one of the bartenders that chose to remain nameless, the situation was unrelated to the bar. The bar was very slow last night and there was no disturbance at all.

What happened with all of the cops had something to do with what was in the parking lot.

This happens a lot here, because of the lack of population and violent crime that occurs in major cities, it is normal to have 3 police cars present when someone is pulled over for a traffic stop. Unlike other cities, the cops seem to be pretty nicer here and easier to sort out issues of mistaken identities.

Luckily it doesn't seem like there were any injuries or damage reports in this situation so maybe it was just a traffic stop.

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