If you've ever been to this bar you'd know how cool this is. The Blarney Stone on Main street has partnered with the food delivery service bitesquad.com  to now offer delivery for its tasty dishes.  it works by downloading their app then selecting The Blarney Stone as a location. The entire menu of food is available to be delivered.

This has come for a perfect time for the bar since it's currently 15 degrees in town and outside of one or two days next week, it looks like we are here for the season cold wise.

The good thing about the app is that it is new so you can get a $15 credit for using it for the first time, as well as it is very user-friendly from your phone.

So if you're watching the Bison game and you have that craving for Irish nachos, now you know how to get them to your house without missing an Easton Stick Touchdown.

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