The City of Bismarck is switching to a different de-icing product to help counter conditions in subzero temperatures.

The current product being used is as effective when temperatures dip below 15 degrees, such as what we've been experiencing this weekend and several weeks prior.

The new product they are switching to is known as Beet Heet, which has been known to work in such subzero temperatures. According to KFYR, Public Works has been experimenting with the new product over the past couple of weeks.

Roads and streets superintendent Keith Glass told KFYR:

Any time you use any type of salt it's corrosive, but with the Missouri River here and everything draining out to that we're kind of particular and do a lot of checking before we bring a product into the city.

A second tanker of the new product, Beet Heet, has been ordered to help de-ice the roads for further winter-like conditions this year.

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