While doing a commercial appearance to Scheels today in the Kirkwood mall, I found a new type of bike.

The E-Bike (they call it) is a pretty awesome contraption that allows you to ride with electronic exertion in addition to you pedaling. So it feels like you are being slightly pushed.

Just think, you want to go up a hill and you are out of breath ... This bike allows you to do that with minimal strength WOW.  When I tried out the bike it felt like it was bionic. There were three gears:  Low, Sport and Turbo and the turbo felt like you were literally flying when you are pedaling.

The stereotype of these bikes though is that they are for non-athletic people but in reality if you're hunting and you want something that would help you carry all your gear, why not get one of these. Then again they're pretty pricey.

I will say these bikes were interesting, can't wait for them to be used more frequently.


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