As Aaron Rodgers hobbled off the field in another heroic win for the Packers.  The First Sunday of football was in the books. 

It was a glorious day. You, the couch, chips and the grill.  Watching football all day was exhausting but yet fulfilling.  There were things you thought were going to happen like the Vikings and Carolina taking care of business. There were also some really good games like Bronco's/Seahawks, Texans/Patriots, Bucs/Saints and of course the Packers/Bears game at night.

Here's a list of some things we learned from Sunday

  • The Bills are not very good. Josh Allen looked scared. More importantly, they made the Ravens look like worldbeaters. They're not by the way.
  • The Browns didn't lose a game. They didn't win one either though... baby steps
  • Khalil Mack is a beast.  Fumble recoveries, interceptions for touchdowns, tipped balls. In the first half, he took over the Bears game. Too bad he doesn't play offense.
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick will probably throw 5 picks next week.  This is how his career has gone. He's a really good backup and has flashes of brilliance from time to time but he's never been consistent. That being said, 21/28 417 and 4tds is a nice start to the year.
  • It was nice to see Adrian Peterson turn back the clock for a game. His 3.7 avg isn't great but 96 yards and a TD he'll take it.
  • Andrew Luck looked pretty good for being off for almost two years.


We still have some games for tomorrow night, including the debut of Sam Darnold with the Jets, but all in all, a pretty fun Sunday with everything you can ask for in games. 

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