Here's how we're celebrating the Hallmark Holiday!

In honor of the capitalist effort to shake you down to get stuff for your significant others on a day in the middle of February, we decided to make light of it and of course give you the stuff.

It's called Anti-Valentines day, and we're asking you to listen to our "Pickup lines we can't get right" for your chance to win the prize package Djour! A gift card to Lincoln car repair, Sharp Men's Salon and Stage stop liquors ( to pick up that 18 pack).

We're going to be playing it all day so there is plenty of time to win. All you have to do is text the word Creep to 343-9406 for your chance to win.

Hopefully, you will take these pickup lines as fun entertainment, not research to up your game. Then again ... Hey just do you!

The Anti- Valentines day happens next Thursday all day.

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