Willy Wonka fans.... anyone?

 The Bismarck Tribune Hosted their first Easter Egg hunt this past week and as part of it, They had a Golden Egg hidden. The egg was Hidden in the trunk of a tree next to the Bismarck Expressway bike path and was found by Paul Olsen;

Here's the word from the Tribune: 

Paul Olson, a Tribune subscriber, was awarded $1,000 after locating the egg in the cavity of a tree near the south side of the Bismarck Expressway bike tunnel shortly after noon Tuesday.

Bismarck Tribune Publisher Gary Adkisson, who hid the egg, said the tree was located “outside of the fence” between Riverwood Drive and Riverwood Golf Course Loop, near the golf course’s 18th tee.

Nice little find for a golden egg. I hope he spends that G wisely. Hints for the egg were posted in the weekend's tribune paper up until the egg was found.


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