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The High Plains Taskforce is about to set up shop. 

There are 8,000 warrants outstanding in the Burleigh county area and now the US Marshals office is coming to work on it. The task force will consist of one U.S, Marshall full-time and 3 part-time officers. two will be from Bismarck and one from Mandan.

They will open an office in the area immediately.

In a quote taken from KX.NET

“It’s kind of symbolic that we are out here today at the jail, because ultimately the work of this task force is going to be bringing some of these offenders out to this detention center so that they can face justice which they’ve been able to elude for a while here.” Said Burleigh County Sheriff Kelly Leben.

There was an air of happiness in the law enforcement community at the press conference for the additional help that will be brought in with this new Taskforce.

So the new members were sworn in and now they get to work.

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