Here's more evidence that the river is rising.

There were about 4 bike paths that were blocked yesterday during the rising of this river. The question is though how much higher will it go. According to the West Dakota Fox affiliate KFYRTV, The Garrison Dam will reach 60 cubic feet per second putting the river at 13 feet of rising.  The rising of the river is pretty obvious now with docks being closed and part of the river spilling into the parks along it.  Boaters should watch for random logs floating around as well and be cognizant that some docks have submerged ao to be careful about driving closer to land at this point.

This is the time that those swanky river homes breathe a sigh of relief that they have that flood insurance and hope that the dam gets empty soon so the extra water can make its way downstream and the levels finally subside.  As someone new to this town its pretty interesting to see this process unfold.

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