With twenty different holes to choose from, it was pretty difficult to pick our favorites, but these four definitely stood out.

Powerhouse Bar & Grill in Mandan is always a Bar Golf favorite, because their holes are always so well-designed and fun. 2016 was no exception, with a hole in which you hit a ball up a ramp in hopes of getting it into one of a handful of different holes. If you managed to get it in a hole, you won a prize, courtesy of the bar.

Another Bar Golf favorite is Bismarck's Tap-In Tavern, who brought back their goalie hole this year. How awesome is it that a bar called the Tap-In Tavern, who is participating in an event called Bar Golf, has a hockey-themed hole? It's probably why the Tap-In Tavern was voted the most fun hole on the course this year.

Borrowed Bucks switched things up a bit this year, too, adding a very interesting hole involving two PVC pipes. Compared to other holes on the course, this Borrowed Bucks hole was one that the whole team could assist on.

The most creative hole of them all, though, as voted on by the golfers, was at Bismarck's Pub 21. Both holes had a Super Mario theme, with one designed like the flag and castle at the end of a Super Mario Bros. level and the other designed like a course in Super Mario Kart. The creativity was definitely on display at Pub 21 and the golfers took notice.

We'd like to once again thank all of our bars for participating in Bar Golf 2016 and we can't wait to see you all again next year.

Don't forget, you can check out all of our pictures from this year's event below.

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