What a fun weekend this past weekend was for entertainment! Here's a recap of the PBR Bull riding classic.

Mawson Lowe who was snubbed in March made good use of his time working on that injured launch hand going 2 for 2 this weekend good enough to snag the number 1 spot for the event.

He earned 120 points for the event which allowed him to move from 99th in the world to 60th in the world after this showing.

I never denied the toughness and almost craziness that these guys possess to even think about jumping on the back of a bull let alone doing it for as long as they have done it in their lives. A lot of these guys are pretty young and have been riding bulls since they were kids.

Mom's need all the credit they get.  Bull riding is a lifestyle and a very lucrative sport but extremely dangerous.

According to PBR.COM, Here's how the Top 5 has rounded out: 

  1. Fabiano Vitirera = 89.5 points on Huckleberry
  2. Matt Tripplett=89.5 points on Beaver Creek Beau
  3. Colton Jesse=88.5 points on Cheese Bandit
  4. Chase Outlaw =88.5 points on Relentless

Love the names of those Bulls!  That Cheese bandit must taste really good once his time is up!


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