A perfect tour was squashed just recently thanks to the coronavirus. "The Stadium Tour" - an amazing entourage of big-time superstars of rock - Motley Crue, Joan Jett & Blackhearts, Poison, and Def Leppard was all set to thrill audiences everywhere. Needless to say that they had sold out almost every show on their tour - The COVID-19 had other plans for "The Stadium Tour" swallowing up another major event to be canceled. Bad news big time. This WAS to be a brilliant display of classic rock muscle. With a combined total of over 150 years, these 4 bands have been rocking it, With so many huge events - from sports to entertainment - having to completely shut down, sadly we have become accustomed to seeing too many cancelations.

"The Stadium Tour" took awhile before it was officially called off, the reason why is that some performers like Motley Crue waited for more concrete info that concerts would be closed, which set off a slew of Crue fans that were upset - stating on social media stages like Instagram that "Crue and the rest of the Stadium tour should cancel ASAP so they could get their money back".

Now on to better news, "The Stadium Tour" came together to reschedule, setting their sights on Nashville - June 19th, 2021. A full slate of 31 concerts ending September 12th in San Diego. All previously purchased tickets will be honored. Now the waiting game begins if somehow the virus slows down and our lives somehow come back to normal, the show will go on! US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota July 8th,2021 will be one of their stops! For more on this click here.


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