New juice from the Stones!!

The newest greatest hits selection from the Rolling stones is called Honk and it spotlights performances they have done with other artists such as Ed Sheeran, Florence, from Florence and the Machine, Dave Grohl, and others.

In order to promote the box set, they are releasing random live videos on Social media  to create buzz.


These live performances that add to the original song usually dont work live for most bands but in this case, it did. The Florence Welch version of Wild Horses was haunting and unique.

The Rolling Stones are not formulaic like a lot of major bands. They are a roots rock and blues band and can give a live performance worthy of any jam band on the improvising front.  So when these duets come up, it;'s interesting to see how the band adjusts to the different sound and performs the song uniquely.

This compilation does not disappoint.

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