They're shooting a new movie this summer so I'd figure I'd give you the backstory.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journeys were two Surprising blockbuster films made back in the early 90's. The first film grossed 40 million worldwide which is huge for that time period and the sequel ( which always does worse) held it's own at 37 mil.

They somehow tapped into the stoner, surf culture that was prevalent at the time as Modern rock was taking over the country and without rocking the boat, created a nice lighthearted comedy that kids could watch as well.

This time around, however, they're looking to take advantage of the happy go lucky audience that enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy ( and a lot of them as well ). Here's the official word on the film from CNET: 

This will be the third movie in the Bill & Ted series, with the original creators Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon penning the script, Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest) set to direct and Steven Soderbergh executive producing.

The long-awaited sequel to 1989's Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and the 1991 follow-up Bogus Journey reunites actors Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter and takes place 29 years after 1989's Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

Wow, Soderbergh is on this project?  Now I'm interested!

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