So Tax day is coming next Tuesday the 17th  here are some things to worry about if you're like me and haven't done them yet.

Hopefully, you have done your taxes in a timely manner and you already received your refund. But there are some people myself included that haven't so here been some thoughts on what to do:

  • Get an extension. I'm sure there is wiki how's on how to do that (with pictures)  because for some reason reading anything to related to taxes is impossible. That's why boring accountants make so much money, they actually like reading that stuff.
  • Don't file your taxes this year. Keep telling the IRS it was mailed and wait on government time. You have 3 years to file in order get your refund so you're good!
  • Work off the books ... if you do manual labor, I'm sure your boss would be OK giving you lower pay but tax-free $$ so you can take advantage of a number of governmental programs including free medical insurance.  You got a year left though because Trump'll shut those programs down by then. Then you wouldn't have to file a tax return.
  • Date a girl who is an accountant ... obviously, she would probably be slammed this time of year but hey, she can get your stuff done earlier and for free!

Here's the most obvious thing to do though. GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND GET IT DONE! I need to take my own advice. 

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