Was able to watch some wrestling documentaries the other day and it got me thinking. Who are the 5 best wrestlers of all time? So I stumbled on the 30 for 30 on Rick Flair the other night and while he was discussing his career, he was naming names of wrestlers I remember from childhood. That turned into me looking them up on youtube and watching their documentaries and then asking Alexa who's the best... You get the drill, I can be obsessive sometimes.

I figured that wrestling is pretty big here knowing that a Summerslam tour is about to come to the Bismarck events center in June so I'm curious, who do you think are the top 5 wrestlers of all time?  Here's my list  1Dusty "The American dream " Rhodes ( pictured above ), 2 Rick Flair 3 Hulk Hogan 4Andre the Giant  5 The Rock 

Here's a poll that has five in no particular order:

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