What seemed like the most predictable storyline this year in the NFL was just that. Predictable 

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots shocked no one as they beat the LA Rams in the SuperBowl in a defensive battle  13-3.

According to ESPN :

ATLANTA -- So much for a shootout in Super Bowl LIII.

The New England Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 on Sunday night, and the 16 combined points set a record for the lowest-scoring game in Super Bowl history.

The previous mark of 21 combined points, set by the undefeated Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins at Super Bowl VII, had stood for 46 years. The Patriots' winning total was also one fewer point than the previous low, set by the Dolphins' in their 14-7 win in 1973.

It was one of those games where you were just waiting for the shoe to drop and it did when Sony Michel ran in a TD midway through the 4th quarter. In an effort to answer, the Rams marched down the field and nearly had a TD but the ball fell through the receivers hands. The very next play  Stephon Gilmore made Goff pay for going back to the same side of the field and that was that. 

Kind of anti-climatic. 


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