Yes, you heard right!  The WWE SummerSlam tour is coming to Bismarck on
June 30th!

Don't know if you're as pumped as I am that this is happening but wrestlers like Braun Strohman, Jinder Mahal and more will be there.

My experience with wrestling goes back to the early 80's but lately I check in and out on Raw and I tell you there are some sick athletes in the federation right now! I saw Braun Strohman fight last week and it was pretty amazing.  I don't even think it was a fight It was more like a bull rush ..., Matt Hardy is going to be there as well. I remember when that guy was fighting the Dudley Boyz in ladder matches like 10 years ago.

I think it's going to be a pretty fun event and hopefully, they'll be some to the women wrestlers as well.

If you want to win a four-pack of tickets  to this event, you can register below:

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