This story is all about being a biker. 

Jorge Morena, a Harley Rider from Columbia was headed to Milwaukee for Harley Davidson's 115th anniversary with 5 of his Biker buddies on a 20-day 9,000-mile ride from Columbia through, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Mexico.

They crossed the US Border in Laredo Texas, but the trip had some pitfalls. In Nicaragua, he hit a cow and flew sideways off his bike but just had some bruises. He did lose his windshield though and damaged his headlight in the collision.

In Tulsa Oklahoma though, a mattress flew off a pickup and totalled his bike and broke his arm. After he got out of the hospital, he rented a car and kept going to the rally in Milwaukee where he arrived 3 days later.

There are many reasons for rides, some do it for their family members that are suffering from diseases others as a form of protest, and still, others to remember the brothers and sisters that have fallen. 

Seeing what this guy went through to get to the 115th Anniversary of Harley Davidson really shows how tough he was and how tough some of these Bikers can be.

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