Looking like we're going to have a big one the next couple of days ... Here's a list of common things people can do during  a storm like this.

  1.  Eat a creative breakfast:  You're not going anywhere  today so it could be a really good time to come up with a concoction you were always thinking about like chicken fried steak and waffles .... MMMM!
  2. Get you're Netflix Lineup ready: Put together a list of shows you always wanted to watch but never had time to ... It's gonna be a binge day today!
  3. Make sure you're stocked up on beer :  At some point in the day the buddies are going to be knocking on your door for an impromptu card game that could last into the night so you don't want to be that guy that runs out of beer.
  4. Make sure that cellphone is charged: You need all of that battery for those Pizza delivery run's and the random GF texting sessions.  
  5. Make sure you don't say anything stupid to the GF: The last thing you need is Drama while you're stuck in your house all day. Plus, if she's happy It could actually turn out to be a fun day !
  6. Make sure the living room wrestling ring is ready: If you have kids , and they're home from school, they're going need to be occupied all day !

If you are looking for more things to do check out this article from Totalhomecaresupplies 

Stay warm !

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