As we are in 4/20 weekend I'd like to reflect on some things that aren't' the smartest things to do but are funny as hell when you're in that state of mind. Here's a list of  some things I've done in the past and friends of mine have as well that pretty much line up universally when you're feeling pretty high about yourself.:

  • You 're not getting Laid. There are situations that obviously come up when you're zooted but at the end of the day, you will always find a way to not do it. Mainly because the number one thing on your mind is food.
  • You always tell everyone who can hear that Pink Floyd is the greatest band ever ... Yeah your done!
  • You can't finish a sentence. It's hard to focus when you're toasted but the creativity still flows even though your mouth and motor skills have slowed down turning you into a funny guy that can't complete a thought.
  • Back to the creativity, you come up with brilliant ideas that solve all sorts of problems like diseases, and even social issues only to forget them later. Don't worry, even when you try to write them down, later it looks like a chicken scratch ( motor skills)
  • Fall asleep standing up ... yeah, it's funny how you can actually do that only when you're baked. don't know how it can be done though

That's what I've done, but if you want to see a pretty cool list of what others have done here's one from Brobible.

Have fun this weekend!

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