The summer has come to the end but before you get all nostalgic, check out this deal.

For the Month of September, Sam Adams Octoberfest is $ 2.  Yes, they have a drink of the month program, so this month you can be crushing Sam Adams Octoberfest for $2 each, that's a deal.

The deal is valid across the country from September 1-30th but the only caveat is that the glasses are 10oz. The good thing is that there is no limit on them though, so pile up those singles on the bar and stay awhile.

This deal comes at a perfect time when competitors are opening their doors. I'm sure Bennigans is looking at this pretty closely. Hopefully, they'll be a chain restaurant war soon so we can reap the benefits.

Now, just know that when you order your mozzarella sticks, you can wash it down with a higher ABV beer like Sam Adams and not have to pay extra for it.

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