Science can be a really cool subject and each state in the US has contributed in its own way.

Business Insider put together a list of the biggest scientific contribution in each state. When people think about North Dakota, they don't think of it as a pioneer for scientific discovery, but the state has made contributions.

If you've ever walked inside the Heritage Museum attached to the state capitol in Bismarck, one of the rooms is filled with all different kinds of dinosaur bones and facts about dinosaurs that once roamed the land that is now known as North Dakota.

According to Business Insider, fossils from the 'Anzu wylieli' were found in both North and South Dakota. It is one of the largest feathered dinosaurs found on the continent. A feathered dinosaur so large, they nicknamed it 'the chicken from hell.'

That discovery is apparently North Dakota's biggest scientific discovery. Do you know of any others?