He's Back!

After an 11 year absence, Tiger Woods won his 5th Masters title yesterday. It was a come from behind effort that was one for the ages.  It had been 11 years since he last won a Major and 14 years since he last fitted on a green jacket.

In the United States, we love underdogs and while I would not call Tiger Woods an underdog, his story is pretty close.

Let's see, divorce, 3 back surgeries, one spinal surgery, and a DWI when on pain medication. It's been a pretty rough 11 years for Tiger.

Now he is 3 major's short of Jack Nicklaus's record and with momentum at his back.

Here's his scorecard from ESPN

Tiger Woods Scorecards



2019 Masters Tournament - Apr 11-14, 2019

Augusta National Golf Club

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