When will this platform of social media go too far?

I personally think it has way many times. Hey look, I'm not a stick-in-the-mud, and to each his own when it comes to entertainment, but it seems to me that TikTok continues to push the pedal to stir up controversy. Are you one of the few who has not heard of or have never witnessed a TikTok video? You are of the minority.

What purpose does TikTok serve?

I'm going to describe it in the best way that I can. It started out as an ideal way for everyday, normal people to showcase their hobbies, their short videos to simply entertain. The problem though seemed to be that TikTok didn't really seem to have any rules that were truly enforced, meaning that they allowed content that eventually would just explode all over the country. Here in North Dakota is no different. Younger people sometimes can easily be influenced by what they see, and when these idiotic "I challenge you" videos expand into the realm of the dangerous. So far nothing has been reported here in Bismarck or Mandan, but take a second and listen to the absurd.

This latest challenge can be potentially deadly in THE most obvious way

Imagine coming across teens with real-life-looking BB guns. According to  nypost.com "The #OrbeezChallenge has teens using a gel-ball gun or an airsoft gun to shoot Obreez- circular water gel beads — at friends or civilians" Here is a short video on this:

WPLG Local 10 YouTube

Imagine the worst scenario possible

A Bismarck or Mandan police officer sees this activity, at night, with people running around holding a realistic-looking weapon, shooting at innocent bystanders. See what I'm getting at? Would TikTok be held responsible for a North Dakota death caused by their idiotic "Challenge" videos?


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