The typical Motley Crue tour was no doubt eventful for drummer Tommy Lee, but dates in support of the band's hugely popular Dr. Feelgood album ended up making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

On April 7, 1990, just a few days after being hauled down to the police station and fined for mooning a concert crowd in Georgia, Lee made a different kind of post-show detour after the band's stop in New Haven, Conn. This time, he ended up at the hospital instead, and Motley Crue was forced to end their show about halfway through their usual set list.

The Associated Press reported that Lee was hospitalized with a mild concussion, but was "alert, awake and in good spirits" after falling off the kit at the end of his "flying drum solo" and hitting his head on the floor.

A hospital spokesman, while admitting he wasn't exactly sure how it happened, told reporters the fall was "part of the routine," but that wasn't entirely true.

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As the Chronological Crüe timeline details the incident, on most nights, Lee's solo ended with a spectacular but fairly uneventful bungee drop. In New Haven, however, he was worried that the brake wouldn't be pulled in time, so he uncoupled himself in order to "reach his foot strap, turning him upside down."

Thus inverted, Lee culminated his 20-foot fall with a painful head-first landing. Fortunately, he didn't sustain any serious damage. Although Lee finished his next few solos with a far less death-defying version of the bungee drop, his injury was just part of the band's all-out approach to its music.

"We don't just play rock 'n' roll, we live it," bassist Nikki Sixx is quoted as saying in the AP report. "We go on tour and get broken bones, diseases, the crowd leaves bloody. It's more like going to war."

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