Tomorrow is a special day for all of us - 9-11-2021. The twenty-year anniversary of the most horrific attack ever on American soil. At 8:44 am the skies were sunny and clear in New York. Our ways of living were about to change forever.

Terror in the skies

Those that recall watching the two planes disappear into the World Trade Center Towers still have the image of disbelief and horror. A routine Tuesday morning in New York City shattered, and as the time crept by that day, Americans were flooded with fear, anxiety, shock, and devastation. The body count at 2,977 souls lost - all in part to terrorism. A picture that is etched in my mind is that of President George W.Bush in the middle of a classroom filled with second-graders - someone from his staff leaned over and whispered the daunting words that the United States was under attack.

Do you remember where you were as this day developed?

Most of us clearly do - it's almost impossible to ever forget the sight of the twin towers collapsing, and the scary feeling that the unbelievable became a reality. Tomorrow is a day to never forget the brave firefighters that raced UP the stairs of peril with one goal in mind, to save as many souls as possible.

Take some time tomorrow morning and reflect on 9-11-01

When you wake up tomorrow morning, take a second or two to remember how 9-11-01 changed our lives. Do something with your loved ones and tell your young kids what took place 20 years ago and that we are lucky to live in a country of the land and free.


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