Just a few weeks' time will see the late night landscape dramatically shift, as 'Late Night' host Jimmy Fallon finally takes the 'Tonight Show' throne from Jay Leno, and 'SNL' veteran Seth Meyers joins 'Late Night' in his wake. Fallon has tapped cinema icon Will Smith and Irish rockers U2 for his inaugural 'Tonight Show' gig, but who will join Seth Meyers on the couch?

Fallon broke news of his first 'Tonight Show' guests from the still-ongoing Television Critics Association press tour, specifically that Smith and U2 would kick off the festivities on Monday, February 17. Meyers' version of 'Late Night' on the other hand, will premiere on February 24 with the 'SNL' alum's former 'Weekend Update' co-host and 'Parks and Recreation' treasure Amy Poehler.

As for any major changes to either series, Fallon told reporters that his opening monologues would expand in length to better resemble those under Leno's tenure. “My monologues were about four minutes, and he was doing 10, so we have to double the material every night." Fallon also noted the reasoning behind his incarnation "starring" Jimmy Fallon as opposed to "with," saying “It’s an homage, a tip of the cap to the origins of the show."

An adjustment though it may be, we're excited to see what either host comes up with in late February, so give us your hopes for 'The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon' and 'Late Night with Seth Meyers' in the comments!

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