When I think of a true hard core competitor, many sports athletes come to mind. Remember the days of Mike Tyson? A boxer that stood toe-to-biten ear, and he never seemed to break a sweat in the boxing ring. I think of someone like New England Patriots Tom Brady and his 6 Super Bowl rings.

There is one dude, that has gained some serious fame, he is in the G.O.A.T.        (Greatest Of All Time ) category. His name is Joey Chestnut. He is, for better words, a marathoner. You might be thinking he laces up his Nike shoes, and runs 26.2 miles. That would be an inaccurate describtion, Joey is well known for his complete domination at Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest -a twelve time winner. 

The Babe Ruth of weiners, his latest feat makes me NEVER want to eat again. I don't understand WHY the ESPN network holds him with such high esteem. I guess the old adage rings true-"To Eat HIS OWN" . For more on this, click here.


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