Talk about your crowded roadways.

In the most alarming road incident since a snake tried to hop on a motorcycle, a truck dragged a much smaller Nissan along a highway in Cajon Pass, Calif. earlier this week.

The truck driver, Pete Edward Maestas, 62, had no idea he was hauling the car until the person who recorded the scene told him. That's irony because Maestas was hauling carrots and we all know carrots are supposed to improve your vision.

So, how exactly did this happen? According to the San Bernardino County Sun:

As Maestas came upon a slower moving tractor trailer, he began changing lanes to his left, according to officials. As he did that, a Nissan Maxima, driven by Javier A. Diaz Jr., 34, of Oak Hills was already in that lane and the two vehicles collided. The Nissan became lodged underneath the truck trailer which continued driving along dragging the Nissan for nearly three-quarters of a mile."

It's unclear if there were injuries, although we can report no one went to the hospital. Officers say Maestas did not appear inebriated and his log book show he did everything on the level.

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