How many of us have had the awful nightmare? You're driving along on some highway, and you take a sharp turn and find yourself flying off a cliff - falling, falling, screaming. Then you wake up and notice your cat just hacked up a hairball on your blanket. I remember when I lived in San Diego, I always dreaded driving on the Coronado bridge - which extends 2.1 miles over San Diego Bay, and 200 feet down to the water from the highest point. My car drifting too close to the edge and then FALLING.

I ran this by several people here at our radio station, and our engineer Ransom completely could relate to my fear of heights and he shared his tense feelings that he always gets while driving through certain areas of Bismarck - one of them is on the 94, and the thought of a huge vehicle converging into his lane and forcing his truck over the tiny barrier out into the chilly Missouri River down below. When I heard about this story and the viral video I'm about to share, I could only think ONE thing - someone's NIGHTMARE became a reality:

Last Saturday while driving in Wisconsin, an unidentified man was driving his pickup truck when it suddenly skidded on some snow and ice and in a horrendous frozen moment, flew off the bridge and fell 70 feet to the ground. With a miracle only the heavens can bring, it LANDED on its tires and stayed upright. According to The driver’s sister spoke to WISN News and posted on Facebook that he had suffered a broken back, neck and legs, and has a long recovery ahead, but at least he will recover from the harrowing fall. 

So next time you awake from a harrowing nightmare, just be sure it was only a dream.



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