With all the protesting going on, Ben Weisbeck wanted to do something to make people laugh. His idea? Food Equality.

Weisbeck is a 21-year-old who currently works and lives in Bismarck. Although he loves being back home, he misses all the great restaurant options he had while going to school in Sioux Falls, SD.

You may have seen the photos Weisbeck posted on Facebook and Twitter. We had to find out what prompted him to take these photos.

I was sick of seeing people who didn't even know each other being so hateful and rude to each other. I wanted to come up with an idea that would unite everybody, regardless of political view or beliefs through laughter, something on social media that was finally positive, and a common ground in love of food.

The post currently has 280 shares on Facebook and over 210 retweets. He even received a Tweet from Noodles and Company.

With the success of their post, Weisbeck and Fischer may create a part two! We can only hope that their effort really does bring us a Chipotle.

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