Well with a title name like "Unleash The Beast" if that doesn't get your attention I don't know what else would! Fans of the P.B.R. certainly are hip to what the "Beast" is, the rugged sport of Bull Riding is coming to town! If there is anything that can stand straight up and spit smack dab in the face of the coronavirus, this would be it. The Professional Bull Riders are however taking COVID-19 seriously of course, by meeting all the codes and such.

First let me introduce you to Chad Berger, a P.B.R. rock star! Berger began riding steers when he was just six years old, at the age of 13 he was displaying his skills at NDRA rodeos. Bulls and saddle broncs are no strangers to Chad as he rode quite a bit of both of them in the '80s. An easy no-brainer North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Famer, Chad now at the age of 58 is bringing the exciting fast-paced P.B.R. to Bismarck for the 20th year - held at the Events Center. Like I said earlier, measures have been taken for everyone's safety - with only 50% of capacity will be available and will be spaced out in the Center. While speaking to his wife Sarah on the phone this afternoon, I loved listening to the excitement of her voice as she recalled several of Berger's past achievements - a FULL resume of unbelievable stats Chad has racked up. "You can say I've always been his cheerleader",  Sarah told me.

Chad and Sarah, along with children and grandchildren, continue to operate Chad Berger Bucking Bulls at their ranch home in Mandan, ND. The "Unleash The Beast" is an event you have to see in person to fully understand the raw power and incredible strength it takes to be in this event, some of the top 35 guys in the world will be here. We owe a tip of the old cowboy hat ( or in my case my San Diego Padre hat ) to Chad for this Friday and Saturday!

When you are six years old and are staring into the eyes of a steer just a couple of feet away, you are destined to be a North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Famer. For more on this story click here.


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