Ahh, how the temperatures have changed...

I first wrote about this in May when we were all wearing t-shirts and soaking in the summer temps. Then earlier this month I drove over and saw a Panda! The signs were up and ready to go, with a smiley panda looking down at me. I predicted at the time that Bismarck's own Panda Express would be opening within a month, AND I was right. Almost every single day on social media, on the Bismarck People Reporting News Facebook page the popular question was posed - "When is Panda Express OPEN for business?" I decided to jump in my car and drive over to 4521 Ottawa Street, right next to Costco this morning, hoping to find out some good news!

Suddenly the -13 degrees felt nice and warm...

...( if that's possible ). I walked up to the front door and saw several people inside. I caught the attention of a couple of employees as they opened the door and saw me shivering in the sun - I immediately asked the one question everyone wants to know. "Can you give me an idea of when you guys will be open?" The man wearing a Panda shirt told me "A week from Wednesday - depending on if the food trucks arrive on schedule" - Well heck all of a sudden I wasn't cold anymore. I almost asked if we could arrange a police motorcade to make sure the trucks get here on time - all I know is this, the wait is finally over! Patience is definitely a virtue!


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